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Finding the words

I’m working on finishing up the first draft of another book about food right now. I’m cowriting this one aimed at adults (more about it another day!), but one of the things we talk about a lot when we’re working together is language.

There’s the jargon we are trying to eliminate from the book (not always easy). There’s avoiding any suggestion of paternalism (as in “you should do it because we say so”  —not a great way to convince anyone of anything IMHO as a writer, parent and wife).

But, most importantly, in this book about food justice and equity, there is finding the right language and telling the right stories that will resonate for people of all political and social/cultural stripes. Finding a way to convincingly express what we both feel so passionately: that food must be reimagined as not simply a commodity but a public good, and that everyone should have access to it.

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