A garden of selective amnesia

My veggie garden has been a challenge this year. The daily cat turd removal cast a poopy pall over the proceedings, and, frankly, I didn’t spend nearly enough time planning and thinking through what I’d like to grow. As a result, there are few of my favourite leafy greens and lots of tomatoes that are covered in powdery mildew. My arugula has some sort of spotty bug and the only green pepper that grew was stolen by a squirrel. I guess I’ve been lucky in years past having so few pests in my patch, and I’m now facing the reality that nature is a tough taskmistress.

Still, there are moments like eating the lunch below—with beans, cucumbers and lettuce from our garden—that conveniently make me forget all that. Mother Nature’s got her cat o’ nine tails, but I’ve got my fork.

{Photos by Andrea Curtis}


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