School lunch around the world

I’ve been blogging about school lunch for more than two years now, so I figure it’s about time for a look back at the countries and the lunches I’ve explored around the world.

I’ve written a lot about Canada and the U.S. (check out the tag cloud if you’re interested in reading some of it), but I’ve also stopped on almost every other continent. Of course, there’s more—much more—in my book, What’s for Lunch? Watch for news about the upcoming publication date! Here’s a taste of some of the places I’ve visited on the blog:

On getting girls into the classroom with school meals in AFGHANISTAN.

What’s for Lunch in Brazil?

School lunch at the vanguard of ending poverty and hunger in BRAZIL (plus more here).

Lunch at a unique green school in BALI, INDONESIA.

Taste education and school meals in FRANCE.

From FINLAND with love: how school lunch contributes to producing some of the smartest kids in the world.

A Q&A about pranzo a mensa with kids in Rome, ITALY. (Plus Outside the Box author Jeannie Marshall on Italian school lunch.)

Fond memories of kyushoku in JAPAN.

What’s for lunch in India?

The link between food and culture in PERU.

Taking food seriously in SPAIN.

GHANA‘s homegrown school feeding program.

How cell technology is supporting the midday meal scheme in INDIA.

School meals and enrollment at Dadaab Refugee Camp in KENYA.

[Photography by Yvonne Duivenvoorden from What’s for Lunch?]


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