Vegetable signs of the apocalypse

Photo by Andrea Curtis

Kale like a Truffala tree

For reasons I can’t recall—but were no doubt related to procrastination+ busyness—last fall, I failed to take out all the plants in my veggie garden. I left herbs that have made it through the winter before, but also a kale plant and some swiss chard. I expected to have to pull them out—nasty and rotten and dead this spring. But with the extraordinarily mild winter we had in this generally frosty city, both plants made it through and are growing heartily.

Photo by Andrea Curtis

The mighty swiss chard

The kale is actually quite sweet and very delicious, and so is the chard. Still, I find it weird—another alarming sign of our rapidly changing climate.

If kale can make it through the winter here, are we going to be growing pineapples in Toronto in a few years? Or maybe just supersweet, winter-proof carrots. This morning pulling up weeds I discovered this little beauty growing randomly near the garden patch. I’m saving it to eat with my kids. I want them to remember when it was a rare and strange surprise to harvest carrots in April.

Photo by Andrea Curtis


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