For a long time, I didn’t buy or make Valentine’s cards for our kids to give out to their class. My eldest son didn’t care or ask for such things until he was older (and could do it on his own), and I always thought it was a bit silly. Why would a 5 year old send a love note to anyone but his family? And at our kids’ school, if you’re going to send a Valentine you have to send them to everyone in the class. I understand the premise (no one gets left out), but it’s always seemed like a bit of a landfill issue to me. What do you do with all those slips of paper covered in  Spiderman and Iron Man?

Our littler son, however, has been on me to do Valentine’s from his first year in kindergarten. He wants to send them and he wants to make them (bless his sweet, loving little heart). So I figure if they are going to go in the recycling bin, he may as well get a little fun out of it.  This year, we revived the lost art of the potato print. It’s not as easy as I recall to get a good print—could have been the washable paint we used—but it was fun to try. Made me think about all the good things that can come from playing with food. More on food art soon.


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