Winter thyme

We had our biggest snowfall of the season last night.

Frankly, that’s not saying much since winter in these generally wintery parts has been unseasonably warm. In fact, I didn’t even pull out some of my garden plants this fall. We’ve used the thyme (above) and even kale for months after the harvest should have ended.

I love winter, but even on the prettiest snow days, I can’t help dreaming of the spring and planting. I’ve been researching seeds we can plant in the school garden for harvest before school ends in June (Evergreen has a great list of heritage varieties here) and thinking about what to do in our own urban patch.

I know I’m not alone. Take Cleveland’s Martinez Garcias, an artist who created a comic series called Brink City: Green in the Ghetto about urban farming, vermicomposting, food deserts and more. The series is aimed at kids and features an unnamed metropolis on the brink of destruction that is forced to rely on a shape-shifting alien to help scientists, kids and community groups reclaim their land. (Thanks to City Farmer for linking to the series.)

Incidentally, Cleveland seems to be a bit of a hotbed of  animation meets urban farming right now. Check out another City Farmer link here highlighting the comic/zine Urban Farm Manifesto by Old Husher, a self-proclaimed “first generation, third year Cleveland farmer.”


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