Garden greatest hits

It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting colder, the days darker, and we’re reluctantly preparing ourselves to put our urban veggie garden to bed for the long sleep. Of course, I’m already thinking about what we can do to improve it for next year, especially how we can make it more kid-friendly. I’ll also be doing some serious crop rotation since I lost a number of plants to disease this year. But in the spirit of harvest celebration, here are the summer of 2011’s greatest hits.

Sweet peas. We didn’t get many, but the ones that grew were perfect. The taste of spring.

Chicory (or dandelion). My new favourite bitter green, and a reminder that one woman’s weed is another’s delicious treat.

Carrots. They were shrunken and hairy, and not quite sweet enough, but the juniors loved them. Worth the long summer wait.

Zucchini flowers. Not sure where the zucchini in this picture ended up (the plant died soon after), but the flowers were extraordinary dipped in milk and flour and fried with olive oil.

Kale. It’s the plant that keeps on giving. From fresh new leaves in the spring to kale chips in the summer, and a more mature, slightly bitter version in the fall, it’s the stalwart of my patch.

Tomatoes. Last, but not least in my heart, that much maligned fruit: the tomato. These cherries have provided colour for my salads and fodder for my salsas all summer and fall. Easy and satisfying to grow. Delish.

{All photos by Andrea Curtis}


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