The best and worst school lunch

Jamie Oliver at The Stop's Green Barn in Toronto last year

We all know that superchef Jamie Oliver and his TV campaigns for better school food have had a powerful impact in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Whatever you think of reality TV as a force for social change (and there’s been some tough questions of late—especially around the Los Angeles series where his crew was denied access to the cafeterias), Oliver puts his money where his mouth is, and genuinely cares about changing both eating habits and the food system.

This week, his team at Food Revolution revealed their new photo wall: the best and worst school lunches around the world. Visitors to the site are being asked to send in photos of their lunch, and viewers get to vote on what makes the grade. So far, it looks like mostly American lunches, with a few Japanese and Canadian thrown in for good measure.

It’s nice to see some tasty looking salad bars, but if these images are any indication, it looks like American kids are still eating a lot of Tator tots. Blec.

The deadline to post images is November 26.


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