A carrot for all reasons

Our urban veggie garden is still going strong, offering up lots of kale and swiss chard, herbs and tomatoes. It’s been a good season in the patch. But there have been a few hiccups along the way. There was the Mystery of the Disappearing Cucumbers and the Sad Demise of the Zucchini and Pumpkin. I’m pretty sure we were hit with squash vine borer or some such creature. I’ll be doing some reading this winter about how to prevent such pests from invading my garden again.

But one of the bigger disappointments was the carrots. Yes, I planted them too close together and perhaps I didn’t give them enough TLC, but I was surprised how measly, tough and flavourless they were.

The upside: my kids love them. They are constantly begging me to let them pull the carrots from the ground—they find it incredibly satisfying, I think, to see that knobbly orange veg emerge from the soil after seeing only the leaves all summer.

I think adult gardeners tend to be more focused on the harvest—relishing the food they’ve spent so much time watering and tending. But my kids’ love for these carrots is a reminder to me that it’s not always about the end product—you win some, you lose some in the veggie patch—it’s also about the process .


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