I remember hearing about Alice Waters and The Edible Schoolyard years ago when a friend of mine lived in Berkeley. It seemed like some sort of utopia to me. A school where inner city kids were growing and cooking their own food. A place where kids could go to be inspired and nourished.

Now that my own kids’ school and thousands of others are attempting similar (if less famous and distinctly more modest!) projects, The Edible Schoolyard remains an inspiration.

While I was on my “lunch break,” Waters celebrated the 40th anniversary of her legendary restaurant, Chez Panisse. There’s a great NPR interview with Waters here talking about the past, as well as her vision for the future of the Schoolyard Project.  Lisa Eisner’s beautiful new short about The Edible Schoolyard is also a lovely introduction to Waters’ work with kids and food.

Alice Waters: Edible Education by Lisa Eisner

As Waters explains in the short: “we want to create an environment that stimulates all of the senses… and one of the best ways to do that is through food….”



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