My perfect meal

I’ve had many memorable meals. Eating salmon cooked over a campfire with my fingers on Canada’s wild westernmost coast comes to mind. And a decadent meal of mussels and chocolate mousse when I was 17 that seemed like the height of adult extravagance and a promise of extraordinary things to come.  And there are, of course, the many dinners—home-cooked and otherwise—I’ve relished with friends and family. Many of them have been awe-inspiringly delicious, but it’s not just the food that makes them special, it’s the company and the moment.

But last week, I’m pretty sure I had my most perfect meal. For one thing, it was shared with people I love in a place I adore (Georgian Bay). But it was also the fact that my family—including the kids—worked for almost everything in the meal. Nearly all of it was either the product of our veggie garden, the lake in front of us (and the kids/dad/grandpa who caught the fish!) and the beautiful Canadian Shield around us.

Smallmouth bass fillets drenched in flour and butter and pan-fried; tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper; kale and swiss chard sauteed with onions and garlic.

And the piéce de resistance: Georgian Bay blueberry pie (from my grandma’s recipe, the berries picked around our cottage by my dad). Heaven.

What’s your perfect meal?


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  1. The salmon eaten with our fingers is right up there! A great memory, Andi. Thanks for that! Beyond that, meals with my book group are usually some of my faves – many locally grown foods made with love and care by women who share a love of good food, good books, good, wine (well, wine), and good company! Jim at the grill with me doing teamwork on veggies usually tops any meal I can eat out as well!
    Great Blog, Andi! Love it, love it.