The little guys

Can it only have been a week or two ago that I was admiring my prolific cucumber plants and planning the cool and delicious gazpacho I would make? Ah, how much can change in the garden in only a few days.

One night I was watering (and admiring) the cukes, the next I was wondering why the vine—with about 15 cucumbers in various states of growth—was languishing on its trellis. Deflated, browning, sick-looking. We’ve had a heat wave of late so I just watered some more. But it turns out I could have watered until our bill hit the stratosphere and nothing would make a difference. The little guys had attacked.

The Garden Guru across the street calls squirrels “the little guys,” and he wages an ongoing battle against they who prey on his pear tree, they who devour his cucumbers and tomatoes and beans.

For some reason, GG has had a monopoly on the little guys. Until now.

In fact, on closer inspection I realized that in addition to gnawing off the root of my cucumber plant, the little guys also dug up some of my carrots. When I told GG, he was uncharacteristically delighted, even laughing in what I can only describe as a maniacal way. He told me he’d be sending the rest over soon.


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