School’s out

(“School’s out/ Teachers let the monkeys out/Books good-bye to yoooou….” Anyone else remember that song?)

And the school garden we’ve all been working so hard on this year is going to be left to the good will of the parents and other volunteers who’ve signed up to weed, water and harvest over the summer months.

I’m cautiously optimistic about its survival. But the truth is, it’s already been a big success in my view. We’ve managed to raise money, test the soil, amend it, plant it, get kids involved, create a nonhierarchical organizing structure with lots of people—parents,  teachers and community volunteers—taking responsibility for different elements. The icing on the cake is the harvest, and yesterday, my youngest son ate about seven beans and I cut basil to hand out to parents in the schoolyard!

We hope to share the harvest the rest of the season amongst the volunteers and a local food bank, as well as the wider school community. We’re already preparing ourselves for a festival of harvesting, eating and cooking when school opens in September.

In the six months since we started talking about doing this, we’ve come a really long way. Happy summer everyone!


June 29


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