“Planting my garden late at night”

There’s something about Get Yourself Home, a fabulous new album by longtime Toronto singer-songwriter (and fellow school gardener) Laura Repo that—despite playing with old standards of folk-country like coalminers, daddy and a wedding dress—feels perfectly modern and right to me at this moment. Repo is an evocative and moving songwriter, for one thing. And her voice is both haunting and crisp at the same time.

But it might also be the way gardens, farmers and nature are woven through this very urban singer’s music. A productive tension between urban and rural—between concrete and soil—feels present in the words and the music.

In  “Sleepy baby,” she sings, “Planting my garden late at night/Hoping things will work out alright…” then later “It’s the middle of the summer in the middle of the night/Boom cars are blaring the street lights are bright….”

I feel as if she’s singing about my very own downtown veggie patch. This is going to be my summer soundtrack—perfect for dreaming about the harvest or just watching the garden grow.


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