What’s for lunch in Bali?

Some good friends of ours are living in Bali this year and next, and their three boys— 7.75 year old twins and a 13 year old— are going to an incredible school in the middle of the jungle called Green School.

With a mission of “empowering global citizens and green innovators who are inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world,” Green School is not your average educational institution. (Not your average Indonesian school, either—it’s private and has a large international contingent.) The buildings are made of bamboo and have no walls. They use solar power and other sustainable energy sources, kids cultivate an organic garden, learn about permaculture, water and waste management systems, rice agriculture and more.

The building known as the Heart of School

Not surprisingly, Green School has a delicious, healthy, sustainably produced school lunch. Here’s what the twins, M&A, have to say about lunch at Green School.

AC What do you usually eat for school lunch?

M&A  An average lunch might be rice with spicy chicken or chicken curry, as well as vegetables. There’s always a buffet that mixes Eastern and Western food—things like rice, chicken, vegetables, beef, tofu, sushi, noodles and sometimes tacos.

AC: Do you like it?
Yes, we love it. It’s good, well, not always but mostly.

AC What’s your lunchtime routine?

M&A We line up in the classroom and head to Heart of School, a big open bamboo structure, where we eat.  The whole school arrives at roughly the same time and we have to line up again. They give us a lunch coupon and then we can have what we like to eat. We can even have seconds or thirds! We clean up afterward by putting our leftover food in the compost. We eat on bananas leaves and sit on the floor around low bamboo tables. On Thursday we clean up for the whole school.

AC Is the food cooked at school or off-campus?
M&A It’s cooked at school and some of the food is grown on the property.

AC What’s your favourite part of school lunch?
M&A  Play time! Pasta when we have it. Sitting on the ground at the low tables. It isn’t loud like at our old school in Toronto.

AC  What do you like least?

M&A We don’t like the spicy chicken and hate the big line.

Thanks for telling us about your lunch M&A—we can hardly wait to see you this summer!

For more insight into how this amazing school operates check out this fun short: “Grade 2 in 2 minutes.”


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