Health hustle redux

Every morning when I was in elementary school, we did something called the Health Hustle—a government-mandated exercise break. It involved listening to a scratchy medley of music piped into the classroom over the PA while performing a series of simple movements —head rolls, jumping jacks, leg lifts, etc.—as demonstrated by our teachers.

Both the kids and the teachers, of course, embraced it with various levels of enthusiasm. I remember finding it hilarious to watch (and imitate) one particularly keen young teacher who would do some seriously high leg kicks and smile maniacally all the while (like something out of one of the TV workout shows popular at the time).

Well, it seems the Health Hustle is back—if new and very much improved—thanks to Beyoncé and Michele Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.

If anyone can make eating healthy and staying active (not to mention knee-high green socks and heels) look good, it’s definitely Beyoncé.


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