Saddle up to the salad bar

There are a lot of stories, video and podcasts out there that chronicle the worst of school lunches in America.

It’s a greasy, gory ride through tales of Frito pie, pizza and deep fried chicken nuggets. Of course, there are going to be widespread changes as the new Child Nutrition Act gets put into place, but it turns out, one of the biggest school districts in the country made the change several years ago.

According to The New York Times City Critic Ariel Kaminer in this video and article in the paper, New York City’s public schools started serving healthier meals six years ago. No fried food, no artificial ingredients, no trans fats—and all for about $1 a meal.

And the best news? Kids like the food. Especially the salad bar.

Now if they could just get rid of those nasty disposable Styrofoam trays…


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