An apple a day

It’s not too late for schools to sign up for FoodShare’s annual Great Big Crunch on March 10, 2011. The event, intended to promote healthy eating and awareness about food systems—local and global—gets teachers and children talking about how food makes its way from seed to table and ends with everyone simultaneously biting into fresh local apples at the same time (all the way across the country!).

FoodShare has resources for teachers about how to integrate The Great Big Crunch into their lessons, apple-themed storybook ideas and much more on their site. Last year, more than 64,000 kids participated across Canada.

This year, The Great Big Crunch gets an added boost from recent research about the health benefits of eating an apple a day. Turns out my mother was right: they do keep the doctor away.

According to Science Daily, a new study to be released in May shows that eating apples and other food with soluble fiber (oats, lentils and seeds, for example) reduces the inflammation associated with obesity-related diseases and strengthens the immune system.



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