Our youngest son loves to be in charge of a game we sometimes play at mealtime. He calls himself “The Hammer” and he goes around the table demanding of the family and any guest that they each in turn state their high and their low of the day, as well as one thing they’re thankful for. As Hammer, he not only directs traffic, he goes last—which is a double-edged sword since no one can say the same thing as another person, but you also get a chance to come up with something really good. But even with The Hammer’s demands, it’s generally low-pressure, and responses tend to run the gamut from being thankful for not having to eat brussel sprouts to the fact that Halloween is coming up to being glad to be eating together.

This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and as befits the occasion, we played the game more than once. It was a beautiful couple of days with tons of great food and wine and time with family. Game or no, I’m very thankful for it.

This, too (especially because the kids dragged me reluctantly out of my very warm cottage bed into the icy cold morning to see it!):


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