Veggication* for the nation

"I like to eat sweet potato soup with carrots on the side."

This year at my sons’ school, there was a focus on food as part of the annual Arts event. All through the second semester teachers looked at food in various ways. Some classes focused on marketing, others on growing, others on compost and soil. It culminated in a day-long event in the spring.

The kindergarten class (of which my long-eyelashed, pig-nosed, sweet potato–loving son, above, is part) did the art/writing project you see here. They talked about healthy eating, and then created these 3D plates with their favourite healthy food, and the posters were hung in the hallway. I love this example of a teacher getting creative and using age-appropriate materials and concepts to talk to kids about food. My son was very proud of his sweet potato soup (and yes he actually does like it, mostly because it is sweetened with maple syrup).

Of course, there are lots of interesting ways to get kids talking and thinking about food. One of the best is to get them actually eating—and trying new things.

*Veggication is the (brilliant) name of a curriculum-based lunch program that, in the words of its creator Lisa Suriano:

“introduces young children to the wonderfully delicious and nutritious world of vegetables. This is done by incorporating unique and kid-friendly vegetable preparations into a fun and exciting school experience. By replacing food fears and resistance with ownership and positive peer pressure, students are empowered to expand their horizons while simultaneously improving their nutritional status.”

Cool. Especially if she could just get my son to eat sweet potatoes when they’re not in his favourite soup….


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  1. Alison

    And how appropriately colourful are your son’s favourite foods for World Cup season – go Holland!