Plant thieves

The other day our new(ish) neighbours (and fellow Garden Master accolytes) tore up their weed and rock-filled front yard and planted two enormous hostas, a bit of grass (for their tiny new puppy) and two small but robust bushes up against the house. It wasn’t a veggie patch, but it looked nice, and they were proud and excited about it.

That night, thieves popped the whole lot of it (minus the grass) out of the ground. Our neighbour was furious and sad and disillusioned with the world. Inspired by Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl, (who offers a free printable download on her site) they put up this sign directed at the misanthropes:

image courtesy You Grow Girl

I’m pretty sure it made them feel better—there was certainly lots of laughter and commiserating in the neighbourhood and a few passing photographers took snaps. I definitely know how they feel: the same thing happened to us when we lived in another house in another part of town. I lost a ceramic pot of pansies and an entire euonymus bush one night.

This year, our veggie patch is more accessible to the sidewalk and GM has warned us that we’ll be losing cucumbers to passing pedestrians if we’re not careful. Part of me wants to build a nuclear bunker to keep my precious cukes safe from wandering hands, but the more rational part figures I’ll share it anyway so desperate people who can’t resist my veggies, well, they can have one or two. Okay, one. Let’s see how rational I feel at harvest time when my luscious heirloom tomatoes get pinched…

Gayla Trail’s new book Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces is a must-have for the urban gardener. Check it out here.


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