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So your school doesn’t have the space for a veggie garden. Or you can’t get the principal or teachers or school board or whoever else you need to have on side to agree to your fabulous plans to bring growing food to the school. Or maybe you live in a climate or country (ahem, Canada) where school lets out just as the growing season begins.

Brooklyn artist Britta Riley has an innovative solution that could very well work for schools like it’s working for apartment dwellers and others all over the US. Last year, she and her design partner started the Windowfarms project, and their design for vertical hydroponic gardens using recycled materials like used water bottles is really starting to take off.

They provide plans for a modest or full-window setup on their site, plus pictures of their functional and quite beautiful gardens. One of the very cool parts of the project is something Riley calls R&DIY or Research & Development It Yourself—in other words, crowdsourced R&D. People connect through the online community and bring their innovations and discoveries about how to improve the system to the rest of the windowfarmers.

Check out their youtube introduction to the concept here:


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