Tuna from heaven

Day 4: Do the Math

We ran out of milk this morning. We’re both regretting that glass of it we enjoyed on the first day. I guess it’s water from here on in. Instead of our usual cereal, my husband is thinking of making peanut butter balls and rolling them in Corn Flakes for breakfast tomorrow. We’ll call it brunch.

I did think enough to save my can of tuna. I had it for lunch today on unleavened bread with the last of the vegetables, which I roasted in the oven last night. It was quite tasty:

Lunch: day 4

In fact, I’ve been so desperate for protein (something I usually get from beans and other non-meat sources), I savoured the canned tuna like some rare delicacy. I felt as if I could feel my muscles building and repairing themselves as I swallowed.

We hear all the time about how eating well is about so much more than consuming the right number of calories and how we also need the correct variety of nutrients and vitamins. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with all the research and rumour about what is necessary (vitamin A,B, C, D, omega 3, antioxidants, etc. etc.).

The big Stop garden at Earlscourt Park and the new greenhouse and sheltered garden at The Green Barn (producing about 5,000 lbs of fresh produce every year), plus purchases from local farmers, means that during the growing season Stop participants have access to lots of produce packed with the good stuff . But if you have to rely on chicken weiners and canned pasta the rest of the time, well, being undernourished is a distinct possibility.

Researching What’s for Lunch?, I found that the kinds of vitamin/mineral/nutrient deficiencies that improverished children around the world face boggles the mind. In India, there is something called the “midday meal scheme” at public schools, and kids up to age 14 get a free meal. And yet 70% of young Indian children still have iron deficiency, making it hard to concentrate or do much of anything because they’re so tired and weak.

As for us, the tuna/protein made such a difference to my mood and general well-being, we used the last of our eggs at dinner tonight:

Potato/tomato frittata


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